Biological Dentistry

Why is Biological Dentistry Better? | Holistic Dental Center NJ

At Family Care Dentistry, the highest standard biological dental material is utilized by all clinicians. Dr. Min, Dr. Butler, & Dr. Cere are all IAOMT Safe Mercury Removal certified.

Dr. Esther Min has advanced degree in Integrative Biological Dental Medicine (IBDM) and as a Naturopath (NMD), with Board certifications in both disciplines to provide full Integrative Biological Dentistry. Dr. Min provides the following services.

Dental Revision: Patient is evaluated for potentially toxic materials and infected teeth- they are removed and replaced with biocompatible materials. All materials are individually tested to ensure compatibility with each patient. Cone Beam CT is utilized to aid in diagnosis. Mercury fillings, BPA fillings, metal crowns and bridges, failing root canal treated teeth, dead teeth, and cavitations are addressed.

Patient Protection & Technology: Specific protection protocol is utilized for each patient to ensure proper healing & comfort. They include nutritional support, IV Vitamin C, Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) graft, Microcurrent (FSM), Thor Red Light and Near Infrared Light, NovoThor Bed, Ozone, rubber dam, oxygen support, Fotona Laser, and IV sedation.

Regenerative Dentistry: In place of traditional dental handpiece that push bacteria into the tooth, Fotona Erbium Laser is utilized to remove cavities as it decontaminates. Ozone air is applied to further decontaminate and reduce inflammation. PRF can be applied to exposed vital nerve to save it from root canal treatment. Regeneration of bone is visible on xrays in a few months.

Advanced Periodontal Treatment: OralDNA saliva test is utilized to identify specific bacterial load and IL-6 status to design an optimal individual treatment. Depending on patient preference, antibiotics or natural remedies are utilized along with Fotona Perio Laser protocol in combination with Perio Ozone treament. Probiotic rinse is utilized to repopulate with good bacteria.

Oral Restoration: Missing teeth can be replaced with Swiss Dental System Ceramic implants and PRF.

Airway Development: Complete program from diagnosis of tongue tie or low tongue position to surgical intervention, frenuloplasty, to myofunctional therapy, to functional orthodontics, ALF, is available for our patients. ALF, Applied Lightwire Forces, is a cranial osteopathy based orthodontic system that can support a child develop facial growth to its full potential. In adults, it can improve airway and correct asymmetry in addition to helping you achieve a beautiful smile that you were always meant to have. The result is beautiful dental alignment without compromise to the underlying bone structure. Laser treatment, Nightlase, Oralase, and Red Light Therapy, is utilized to help integrate and accelerate the process for patient comfort.