Ozone is primary used in our office to disinfect. Ozone is the most effective, safe, and non toxic modality to eliminate infection and support healing in the mouth. We incorporate Oxygen/Ozone therapy for periodontal disease, root canal treatment, oral surgery, tooth sensitivity, and cavity disinfection for fillings.

Ozone Technology is within our continued effort to employ evidence based methods that are beneficial, not harmful, to you as a whole person.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is an excited form of Oxygen.

Ozone is naturally created by our white blood cells to kill nearby bacteria, virus, fungi, or parasites

Ozone has been proven to be the most effective at eliminating biofilm. We use ozonated water to clean all of our waterlines.

Whiles chemicals like chlorine is broken down to become a carcinogen, Ozone is broken down to oxygen and water, the two primary nutrient of life

Ozone is widely used medically all over the world. For instance, in Germany, Ozone is offered by 80% of all their physicians(MDs). It is considered malpractice if a German doctor does not offer Ozone before and after surgery instead of antibiotics.

Ozone is 3000 times more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria and other pathogens.

You can smell ozone after a summer thunderstorm.