Laser Dentistry

  • Greater Patient Comfort
    • Laser does not generate heat, vibration and pressure that traditional drills produce.  
    • Requires less anesthetic, in some cases, no anesthetic
  • regenerative dentistry
    • Laser does not drive bacteria into the center of the tooth
    • Along with Ozone Air therapy, reduces inflammation of the nerve and encourages secondary dentin formation.
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Gold Standard in Root Canal Treatment
    • Laser Decontamination with PIPS and SWEEPS technique sets the highest standard of care of Endodontic Treatments that are not available with any other laser.
  • Less Bleeding and Swelling
    • Laser allows gentle treatment that cause less trauma, bleeding and swelling is minimized.  Laser even allows immediate coagulation.

Laser Procedures

  • Restorative: Tooth colored fillings, sealants, crowns 
  • Endodontic: Root Canal Therapy
  • Periodontal: Treatment of Bone Loss around your teeth can be treated with much less trauma with superior decontamination and healing modalities.
  • Orthodontic: Low Laser Light is applied to facilitate safer and more comfortable movement.  
  • Oral Surgery: Extraction, post surgery decontamination, implant placement, and immediate coagulation.
  • Nightlase: Treatment of Sleep Apnea and Snoring
  • Aesthetic:
    • Smoothlase: Laser Facial Rejuvenation
      • Gentle laser light stimulates the skin from inside the mouth

      • no anesthetic, no down time, and no chemicals

    • Liplase: Laser Lip Enhancement/Plumping
      • Without any foreign lip fillers or implants, gentle laser light can plump and correct the shape of your lips.
      • Laser stimulates the natural production of new collagen
      • no down time, immediate results.
  • Photobiomodulation or Low Level Laser Therapy
    • Improved tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation
      • Biostim is what we like to call this treatment
      • Helps our patients recover from long appointments
      • Kids get numb with this mode 
      • Post surgery healing is faster with this treatment.



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