Cerec is a CAD/CAM system that allows our office to make a crown for you in one visit. We take a digital impression of your tooth after we prepare it and we design a crown that will fit perfectly with your neighboring teeth. Our design is then milled out of the same material that is used in the labs. We then glaze it so that it will have the same reflection and color as your other teeth. Our patients read a book or listen to music or just take a nap during the 30 minutes it takes for a cerec crown to be produced.

There are several benefits to cerec crowns… it is consistently the most accurate. The traditional mode of taking impressions to make crowns requires the model of your tooth to be created outside of your mouth. From the impression to the stone model, there are small percentage of deviation that are introduced… Cerec eliminates that middle step, leading to the best fit!

When something is not perfect (rare but it does happen maybe once a year or so), I can fix it immediately while the patient waits or make another one immediately. Lab crowns just have more issues with the fit or the bite or the color and you are looking at another two to threes weeks in that awful temporary that is not sealed, allowing all the bacteria in your mouth to be introduced to your freshly cut tooth surface, increasing the chance that it will require a root canal in the future.

Patients love the beautiful cerec crowns we place in their mouths… Our patients just don’t have the sensitivity with our cerec crowns that the lab crowns create. Sometimes I have to offer lab crowns… thank goodness we work with a great lab and we do a few things differently to make sure our patients don’t suffer. I am glad I can offer Cerec to most of our patients.

Our office has been offering CAD/CAM dentistry since 2005.